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The Nursing Homes Support Scheme is a new scheme of financial support for people in need of nursing home care. The application form and information booklet for the scheme are now available for download on this site. The scheme goes live on 27th October.

Nursing Home Support Scheme Presentation

Nursing Homes Support Scheme Bill 2008

Its purpose is to make long-term nursing home care:

  • Accessible
  • Affordable and
  • Anxiety-free

Key Features of Fair Deal

  1. Every person with need for residential care who applies for financial support will make a personal contribution to cost, strictly in accordance with their means.
  2. A person’s contribution will be limited to 80% of their disposable income.
  3. No one will be forced to sell or mortgage their home to pay for care.
  4. The families of care recipients will not be means tested or asked to contribute.
  5. The contribution related to house value (principal private residence) is 5% a year, capped at three years, but this contribution may be deferred for payment from the estate of the person.
  6. Overall, the State will meet 70% of the cost of long term care with personal contributions covering the balance.
  7. Under the scheme, care representatives can be appointed by the Circuit Court to represent the interests of applicants who have reduced capacity.
  8. New mental capacity legislation is being prepared to protect against possible financial abuse.
  9. The National Treatment Purchase Fund has almost concluded its negotiations with private nursing homes.
  10. Further Information on the Nursing Homes Support Scheme is available can be obtained by contacting:

HSE Nursing Homes Support Office, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Mulgrave Street, Limerick. Tel: 061 461499

or calling  HSE Infoline 1850 24 1850.

All FAIR DEAL Documentation for Download

All of the Documentation necessary to avail of  The Nursing Homes Support Scheme (Fair Deal) is available here:

1.It is very necessary to read this booklet before you start.

Nursing Home Support Scheme Information Booklet

  1. This Application Form (12 pages!) needs to be downloaded and when completed returned with the necessary attachments outlined in the form to, HSE Nursing Homes Support Office, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Mulgrave Street, Limerick.

Nursing Home Support Scheme Application Form

  1. A Care Needs Assessment will be carried out by appropriate healthcare professionals for example, doctor , nurse etc., appointed by the HSE. An assessment may be completed at any time in a hospital or a community setting such as your own home. The Care Needs Assessment can be completed online by the relevant professional on this website by first registering. The Placement Panel will use the Care Needs Assessment to determine if residential care is appropriate.


  1. If a Care Representative is  required where a person has reduced capacity to make certain decisions (i.e.diminished mental capacityand wishes to apply for the Nursing Home Loan then this form needs to be downloaded, completed and returned to:

County Registrar, Circuit Court Office, Court House, Limerick

Application for Appointment of Care Representative < CLICK HERE

Two reports from two separate registered medical practitioners are required by the Court as evidence that a person is of diminished mental capacity.

We have attached here  S.I. No. 409 of 2009 – Nursing Homes Support Scheme (Assessment of Capacity Report) Regulations 2009.

These Regulations prescribe the form of report required by section 21(18) (a) of the Act to be completed by the Medical Practitioners and returned to:

County Registrar, Circuit Court Office, Court House, Limerick



Continuing Care Guidelines & Placement Panel (Applicable up to October 27th 2009)

The Division introduced “The Continuing Care Guidelines” and associated placement
panel in 1998 and it meets fortnightly to evaluate referrals, through objective means – Continuing Care Guidelines.

Referrals for “Hospital Continuing Care” can be made on the requisite proforma (downloadable below) by the patient’s attending doctor.

The Limerick Continuing Care Guidelines can also be downloaded here.

Download Continuing Care Guidelines

Download Placement Panel Referral Form

iRAP (Integrated Residential Assessment Programme)

The division advises the HSE locally and nationally on maintaining appropriate standards in continuing care setings through the development of the iRAP (integrated Residential Assessment Programme). You can access a video overview of iRAP at

Key personnel: Sr Betty Connolly


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Fax 061 326670