Clinical Information Systems

Clinical Information Systems (CISs) are central to the provision of optimal healthcare for patients and a vital tool in Clinical Research. The HSE has no facility to design Clinical Information Systems to support its’ service, research, audit and administrative functions. We therefore established Clinisynergy to produce the CISs necessary to run the Clinical & Research functions of our division and commercialised it in an effort to generate the significant funding needed to develop bespoke CISs.

Clinisynergy systems are influenced by a detailed knowledge of the realities of busy clinical settings. There are significant time constraints on doctors, nurses, secretaries, managers etc and the systems are designed to increase efficencies and improve clinical, research and service outcomes.


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Doctot is a new initiative  that combines the Medical and Technical expertise of Clinisynergy Ltd with the Creative and Design strength of Tricycle Interactive Ltd. This joint venture between two innovative technology companies is designing a brand new set of work tools for medical professionals.

We recognise the need for flexible, mobile work tools in the healthcare sector. Doctot introduces cutting-edge interactive applications designed specifically for the Apple iPhone platform, thereby ensuring stability and ease of use.

Doctot is talking to large stakeholders in the Medical sector with a view to developing world-class interactive tools for all of the disciplines, from Neurology & Rehabilitation right through to Cardiology & Ageing.